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5 Ways to Build a Cohesive (Virtual) Culture

If you don’t get this right, then talented individuals will leave, collaboration will suffer, decisions will be made without full information, and your culture will ultimately crumble. There will always be a tug and pull between people who are co-located and those who are remote.   Companies who take the time to understand the challenges and […]

Build Collision Courses inside your Company

 How to create collisions to spark ideas and build cohesive cultures Two days before the deadline, I trudged out to my home office after dinner to slog through an on-line traffic school course. I had taken an illegal left turn, got a ticket and was taking the course to avoid a point on my record. […]

What do your Toilet Stalls say about your Company Culture?

Toilet stall doors can provide much more than privacy. I have a confession.  I am fascinated with toilet stall doors.  I know it’s weird. Recently, I attended an event on Digital Innovation at General Assembly, which is an educational and co-working space for entrepreneurs. As I sat there, a familiar urge arose and I headed […]

Identity is the Key to your Company Culture

As I was inching alongside other drivers in a typical Los Angeles traffic jam, I spotted a vanity license plate on an older open-top green jeep: “#SURFER”.  A board with a sleek red fire bolt was sticking out a diagonal from the back seat.  The driver had tousled bleach blond hair and bare tan shoulders. […]

What do your Rituals say about your Company Culture?

Rituals are experiential reminders of what is most valued and are a vital component to creating a cohesive company culture. As I biked with my husband through a village in northern Bali with verdant rice paddies as the backdrop, we saw several women walking one after another on the road toward the temple. They were […]