Is your organization performing at its Peak?

What does a pinwheel have to do with
organizational performance? 

When a pinwheel is performing at its peak, it is spinning uniformly and seemingly effortlessly. For this to occur, each individual blade needs to face the same direction, be connected through a central pin, be adequately oiled and positioned to capture the wind. This is analogous to organizations.

Organizations can reach their peak performance level if held together by a compelling vision and leadership (central pin), aligned organizational components such as strategy, structure, processes, rewards, and people (the blades). Culture is like the oil - it is the essence of what makes an organization tick (the pinwheel spin).

Additionally, leadership ensures that the organization and brand (the pinwheel) is advantageously positioned in order to effectively compete (capture the wind).

Sue Funkhouser is the Founder and Principal  of Pinwheel Performance.
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